President’s Letter – July 19, 2020

Greetings Fellow Clifton Club Members,

It’s been quite the hot and steamy summer on the North Coast. Clifton Beach has been a nice reprieve, baseball is about to finally begin, and our cool autumn evenings around a fire pit are just around the corner.

Our membership continues to maintain strong numbers, despite the pandemic. The continued focus of providing an A+ experience that Kathy, Gary, Bill, and the staff provide both in-club and on to-go orders is a big reason why The Clifton Club remains the best club, in my humble opinion!

Each year, we make the call and tell you — WE NEED YOUR TALENTS! We have a plethora of talent within our ranks of Resident Members, and yours are needed to serve on our Board of Directors. As a shareholding member, you have the ability to serve the Club that you care for so deeply, but also help drive plans for the next generation.

We’d love each of our members take a turn in serving on our Board. This year we have one open position, beginning in September 2020. We have 9 members who serve at any given time, and each member is invited to serve, we’d love those who have specialties in real estate, legal, financial, party & event planning, building management, sales, insurance, and those with just an overall great vision.

Board Members Pat Berry & Hugh O’Donnell are leading our nominating committee for this year, and have already begun our search. Please send your inquiries to be considered for our Board of Directors to, or call the Club direct at 216-521-3051 ext. 101.

Thanks in advance for your efforts!

Michael A. Bentley
President, The Clifton Club